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Problem Solved with Jeff Guenther

Your soon to be favorite advice podcast invites willing brave souls seeking personal growth and guidance to address all the classic issues, vulnerabilities and triggers known to man therapists. Each week, new callers will take suggestions given by Jeff (And various other special guest mental health co-hosts) and put those elements of advice into practice, returning weeks later to reveal their positive (or not-so-positive) experiences and thoughts. As if that wasn’t enough, this wonderfully insightful podcast will periodically shift its focus to episodes that reveal and explore Jeff’s own personal experiences, vulnerabilities and struggles. Problems will be identified and solved during this podcast. (Hopefully!)

Disclaimer – The insights shared in this podcast are for educational purposes only, and should not be seen as a substitute for professional therapy. The guidance is general in nature and does not equate to the personalized care provided by a licensed therapist. Our callers are not personal therapy clients.

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“Do Advice Podcasts Help us with our Problems?”

“Do Advice Podcasts Help us with our Problems?”

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